How Will YOU Help Bring
People In To Hear The Gospel?

 Here are some easy ideas to inspire you:

  • The 52 Challenge: Challenge your Sunday School class to individually commit to inviting one person—friend or stranger—to church on a specific week this year, and write the names on a personal calendar. When it's your week, you have to strive to make your visitor commitment. Make sure you fill the whole calendar even if you have to take two or three turns.
  • Small Group Bible Study: Host a bible study with other church members and invite friends.
  • Plan a baby shower for a local pregnancy center on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday in January.
  • Sunday Brunch: Deliver invitations to homes located near the church building inviting them to worship services and to a Sunday brunch beforehand with their neighbors (and some friendly church members).
  • Pray for Leaders: Invite local government leaders that you know to our worship service. Recognize those who are able to attend and pray for them.
  • Invite Your Co-workers to Church: Don't wait for Christmas or Easter. Expect a blessing this Sunday and invite your co-workers to come worship with you.
  • NearlyWed Encouragement: Take an opporutnity to tell an engaged couple about the covenant promises of God in a marriage. Be ready with solid scriptures to help encourage them to look toward God for blessing their unity.
  • Mission Trip Mania: Plan several mission trips for the year—local, national, international—and challenge members to either participate personally or help sponsor another participant.
  • Interactive Missions Fair: Educate the entire church about how your church does missions both locally and globally. Invite missionaries your church supports and local ministries you partner with to set up booths.
  • Community Easter Egg Hunt: Provide kids’ music, candy-filled eggs, snacks and a puppet show about the meaning of Easter. Distribute bookmarks or refrigerator magnets that list weekly and special events for kids. Don’t forget to invite everyone to Easter worship.
  • 1-2-3 Serve! Each small group in the church plans a servant evangelism project on the same Saturday, blitzing the entire community with good works in Jesus’ name.
  • Friend Day: Encourage every member to bring an unchurched friend to worship.
  • Stop & Pray Day: On National Day of Prayer, use an outside banner to invite the community to come inside and pray. Play background music, light some candles and provide a simple prayer guide, sign-in-book and printed invitation to worship.
  • School’s Out Celebrations: Host three last-day-of-school parties. Elementary kids’ ice cream party, middle school pizza party and treasure hunt; high school sand volleyball tournament and Christian concert. Provide a summer calendar of church events for each age group.
  • Welcome Wagon: Deliver welcome baskets to people who move into your community. Include baked goods or pantry items, information about your church, as well as coupons to local businesses. The Chamber of Commerce can provide you with the names and addresses of people who recently have relocated to your area.
  • Be Festive: As a church, participate in the town’s annual fair or festival. Wear church T-shirts and have fun. Make a parade float, host a diaper changing station or offer to be the cleanup crew.
  • Neighborhood Cookout: Encourage church members or small groups to host a neighborhood cookout one Saturday and invite their neighbors to church.
  • Student Camp Sendoff: Members of an adult Bible class select a camper, prepare a snack bag for the trip, and pray for them that week.
  • Outdoor Concert: Invite the entire community to a free outdoor concert on the church lawn.
  • Thank Local Heroes: Invite fire fighters, police officers, emergency medical personnel and others for a special recognition service and lunch at your church.
  • VBS. Vacation Bible School is an enormous outreach. Get Involved – your help is needed!
  • Back-to-School Backpacks: Partner with a local school or shelter and donate backpacks filled with school supplies to school-age children whose families need financial assistance.
  • Explosion Sunday: Kick-off new small groups and invite guests and unconnected members to join one.
  • “Meet the Teacher” Sunday: Kids invite their schoolteacher, principal, cafeteria worker, etc., and sit by them in worship. Pray for them during church and honor them with a brief milk and cookies fellowship afterward.
  • Singles Dream Team: About one-third of adults in your town are single. Form a top-notch team to pray and plan multiple small groups, events and ministries for singles. Kick off with a single adult retreat.
  • New Members Fellowship: Host a bi-annual or quarterly event for new church members to help them feel welcome and make friends.
  • Stock the Pantry: Ask members to donate non-perishables to a local food bank.
  • Election Day: Before voting day, each Bible study class selects one elected position such as Sheriff or City Commissioner. The group purchases a Bible, highlights favorite Scriptures, and delivers it immediately after the election with a note promising prayer for that leader.
  • Baptism Sunday: Invite people who want to become a Christian, and believers who have never been baptized to sign up for a big baptism Sunday. Provide printed and e-invitations for their family and friends.
  • Digital Thanks: Members submit one photo and a two-word description of something for which they’re thankful. Show a media presentation of the photos before and after the service.
  • Holiday Food Baskets: Organize, prepare and deliver holiday food baskets to families and individuals in need.
  • Wrap It Up: Provide free gift-wrapping for mall shoppers. Promote upcoming Christmas events at your church.
  • Christmas Caroling: Teams blanket the community with caroling then meet later for hot cocoa.
  • Christmas Eve Candlelight Service: Keep it brief and family friendly. Plan ahead for quality music and friendly greeters. Invite the entire community. 

Fun For Kids

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