Pastor: Bro. Billy Wyatt

Youth Pastor: Ryan Kirkland

Deacon Chairman: Andy Davison

Roy Adams, David Davenport, Andy Davison, Jerry Morgan
Roy Sallis, Glenn Scott, Allen Short
Brian Thrash, Chad Tillery, Jeffery Tillery


Sunday School Director: Andy Davison & Chad Tillery

Discipleship Training Director: Brandon Smith & Glenn Scott

Childrens' Ministry Director: Lisa Tillery, Terrie Childress & Katie Watley

AWANA Commander: Jodi Bice

Mens' Ministry: Andy Davison, Michael Tillery, Roy Adams & Shane Robinson

WMU Director: Yolanda Davison & Kerri Tillery

Outreach Ministries: Roy Sallis, Pat Samya & Glenn Scott

Messengers: Bobby & Carolyn Watley, Roy & Patty Sallis

Treasurers: Jimmie & Ruth Nelson

Trustees: Chad Tillery, Kevin Hayes, Jonathon Varden

Clerk: Cathy Connor & Sandra Pate

Drummer: Chad Connor

Pianist: Angie Lawley & Rachel Dawson

Guitarist: Kevin Hayes & Alex Dawson

Audio/Visual: David Davenport & Brandon Smith

Minister of Music: Kevin Hayes & Angel Smith

Childrens' Choir: Shelia Cobb & Angel Smith

VBS Director: Heather Thrash

Custodians: Gleemon Ray, Bobby Watley, & Shane Robinson

Social Committee: Mary Ellison (Chair), Jerry & Jeannette Morgan, Juanita Wyatt, Betty Haigler, Chad & Kerri Tillery, Andy & Yolanda Davison, Bobby Watley, Angie Samya, Ann Scott

Budget Committee: Bro. Billy Wyatt, Jimmie & Ruth Nelson, Mary Ellison, Ryan Kirkland, Deacon Chairman

Bulletin: Karen Hayes

Chairman of Ushers: Stephen Bice, David Nance, Zac Guthrie, Mike Northcutt

Van Driver: Allen Short & David Davenport, Bus Driver: Andy Davison

Nursery Coordinator: Brook Tillery & Rachel Dawson

Benelovence – Senior Adults: Carolyn Watley & Mary Ellison

Benevolence – Young Adults: Brook Tillery & Kim Robinson

Flower Fund Coordinator: Sandra Pate & Karen Hayes



Birth - 3 years: Brook Tillery

4&5 year olds: Jada Varden

1st - 3rd grade: Heather Thrash

4th - 6th grade: Robin Merrell

7th - 12th grade: Ryan Kirkland

Young Adults II: Jeffery Tillery

Young Adults III: TC Cobb

Senior Adults: Ruth Nelson



Birth - 4 years: Sarah Robinson

K - 3rd grade: Angel Smith

4th - 6th grade: Roy Adams

7th - 12th grade: Ryan Kirkland

Young Adults: David (Duv) Merrell

Senior Adults: Earlene Ray


Interested in serving at Pleasant Grove? Great!

We have a standard of doctrinal leadership & teaching at Pleasant Grove that requires our key leaders, staff, and teachers to be Members of the Church because this ensures that the congregation is being led by those who have confessed Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior; who have agreed to represent the doctrinal truths outlined in the Baptist Faith and Message and Church Covenant, and who are capable and willing to stay true to their commitment.

We also know there are many folks with a servant's heart and desiret to help, but haven't joined the Church. We want you to know there are PLENTY areas of service you are needed for that doesn't require church membership or a year-long commitment. You can help greet visitors, prepare food in times of crisis, join the prayer chain and commit to pray, go visiting on Tuesday nights, invite your friends and family to church, help the men in the Brotherhood... and the list goes on and on! It takes every member and visitor at Pleasant Grove to continue the kingdom work for Christ! So, please consider where you can start serving today!

Positions for the new year are usually selected in early August! Let a deacon know to tell the nominating committee if you're interested in helping!